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Frequently asked questions

I hope this page answers some of your initial questions before considering counselling. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions that have not been answered or to find out more, and please do explore the rest of my website.

  • How will I know if you're the right therapist for me?
    Research has shown that its the quality of our therapeutic relationship that determines whether therapy is effective or not. I offer an initial consultation so you can get a sense of how I work, and if I might be a good fit for you. There is no obligation to continue beyond this first session, if it doesnt feel right for you.
  • What is a session like?
    Counselling is a talking therapy, a conversation between us. You will talk through whatever you wish to bring, and I will listen, ask questions and reflect with you on what has been said. Therapy offers a safe, confidential space each week for you to feel heard and understood, gain new perspectives on difficulties in your life and build a stronger sense of self.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Counselling is a process which is different for everyone. I cannot say how long it will take for you to feel better, or to achieve what you hope for in therapy. We will have regular reviews throughout our time together, to ensure you are getting what you need from our sessions. Short term counselling is usually 10+ sessions, and we will focus on one specific issue. However, I usually work in an open-ended way, as I believe this adds a great deal of value to our work. I understand finances can be an issue, but it can be helpful to think of it as a potentially life changing investment in yourself, and that the more you put in, the more you will achieve. As long as therapy is making a difference, then trust the process.
  • What can I expect from therapy?
    There are many benefits to beginning in therapy. Some of these include: gaining a better understanding of yourself, exploring your life and how to reach your potential, improving personal relationships, developing coping skills, making positive changes to problem issues, and developing self-esteem. We will work together throughout this process and offer new insight to an issue that you have been struggling with. The benefit that you obtain will ultimately depend on how committed you are to the process.
  • How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
    This will depend upon my availability and when you are able to attend a session. If I am fully booked, I have a waiting list and will let you know as soon as an available space becomes free.
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    I currently work with individuals only. I ask that if you did bring someone with you, that they wait in the car, or pick you up at the end of the session.
  • What ages do you work with?
    I work with adults aged 18 and over.
  • Will you discuss what we talk about with anyone else?
    What we discuss is confidential. However, there are circumstances where I cannot legally or ethically maintain confidentiality. In order to protect you or another I may need to share information, but wherever possible this will be done with your consent. If at any point during our counselling I feel that you are in need of emergency support, I might ask for your permission to contact your GP or your emergency contact. We will talk this through during our first session together.
  • Do I have to pay if I need to cancel my session?
    If you wish to cancel an appointment, I require at least 48 hours notice, otherwise the full cost of the session will be payable. This is because I reserve the space for you each week, and no one else can use that time.
  • How much are the sessions?
    Sessions are £55 and payable prior to your session by BACS. I also accept cash at the beginning of our session. You can also pay by invoice, monthly in advance.
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