My approach
Even though it feels like life is unravelling, it’s possible to feel like yourself again.


My approach is relational and integrative which means I work with different theories according to your individual needs. I consider the most important approach to therapy is that one size does not fit all! I provide a safe, collaborative, warm, and non-judgmental environment for you to express yourself and feel understood. Together we will strive to make sense of your experiences through exploring feelings, behaviours and thoughts that may be preventing you from reaching your potential or living the life you want. I find that insight and understanding lead to new skills and an overall improved sense of satisfaction with life. I work with various therapeutic modalities including psychodynamic theory, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to understand your problems and create a meaningful way forward.

Many people reach a point in their lives where their old habits of managing thoughts and feelings no longer work. Often, what lies beneath is a range of psychological challenges such as stress and anxiety, addiction, panic attacks, and depression. It can be useful to explore and understand how your thought patterns, developed in early life can impact your life today. Working together, we can explore your patterns of relating to others to help you develop self awareness which can lead to cognitive and behavioural changes. My clients have frequently said how this self awareness and personal development has been life changing.

In addition to my training and experience I believe my warm, friendly and down to earth nature will help you feel at ease. It is my hope you will look forward to our sessions and having me share your journey with you. I hope we may also share laughter and joy along your path to healing while you move away from feeling stuck or overwhelmed, to living a more fulfilling life.

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become"
Carl Jung

Beginning counselling

The first session


The first session is really a two way assessment. It gives you the opportunity to see whether you feel comfortable with me and to begin to explore some of the issues which have brought you to counselling. Some people will have a clear understanding of their goals for counselling and others may not be so sure, but either way we will work through it and will decide how to proceed together. I offer both short term and long term counselling for individuals. 

Deciding to begin counselling can make you feel anxious, as any new experience can be. My belief is that the effectiveness of counselling is centred on the importance of what happens when two people meet in a room and the endless possibilities that the relationship between us can produce. Inherently, we all want to be able to form and establish happy and healthy relationships where a connection is felt. This is what I aim to offer my clients in the therapy room, developing a trusting connection between us and allowing you to fully experience an open and honest relationship. I am a down-to-earth therapist and told I am warm, empathic and easy-to-talk-to about difficult issues. I believe humour (where appropriate) and joy are just as important in the  therapeutic healing process as sadness, anger, fear or anxiety. 

If you are ready to begin counselling or want to find out more